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  1. Discover our selection of diaries, some of which can easily slip into your pocket while others, your briefcase. We bring to you the finest from Brepols' line of products, that is, the OMNIPLAN pocket diary and the TIMING compact desk diary. The genuine leather covers of our 2 models are both soft and customisable with an engraving. You will be delighted to learn that the diary covers can be used for years to come; you merely have to buy the refill from our website each year.

  2. Week-to-week Desk Diary (7.1x 8.7 inches)

    Week-to-week Desk Diary (7.1x 8.7 inches) OS1046

    Leather simple refillable desk diary 2016. Supplied with a Brepols Timing spiral-bound, week-on-two pages weekly planner.The diary includes: a complet.. Learn More
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  3. Week-to-Week Pocket Diary (95 x 170 mm)

    Week-to-Week Pocket Diary (95 x 170 mm) OS1012

    Pocket 2016 diary/organizer in full grain leather. Delivered with an Omniplan Brepols spiral-bound, week-on-two pages planning diary for the year, a p.. Learn More
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